Happy New Year 2015. Resolutions, anyone?

So the New Year is in full swing and the resolutions have and are continuing to be made. What are yours?!

No surprise – a majority of mine are tango-related. In no particular order, they are:

  1. Work on creating more in tango (and explore what that really means).
  2. Pause and savor the music I dance with even more intention and sensitivity to my partner.
  3. Return to my maestros (and perhaps a couple new ones) to work on my dance.
  4. Do more performances. (yes, really Monza!)
  5. Get more regular rest.
  6. Take more regular time out to pause, breathe, reflect and plan my takeover of the world! 😉
  7. Laugh and dance more!!!

And the list will surely grow…

To assure progress and success in these, one has to be concrete about what needs to happen. Concrete things to do have to be outlined out, scheduled, and followed through upon. For example, when dancing more often, as I did this past New Years holiday, I’ve recently had more issues with sore feet and muscles, and have found that I need to stretch more, particularly right after dancing, to improve my recovery time. I was a regular volleyball and tennis player for many years before tango, and know full well the importance of these, but it’s easy to forget over time! And so on and so forth. It’s good to write these down for oneself as a start. If they’re tango-related like mine are, it’s helpful to talk through with your fellow peers in tango or your teachers 😉 for suggestions and comments.

Hasta luego for now. I’m looking forward to the coming year for tango and what life has in store! Excited to share with you!


– Jonas