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Video of June 2016 – Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira

Fernando & Ariadna are one of the favorites of Jonas and I, and many many Tango dancers. They are among the top of the top. We really like their playfulness, but don’t underestimate their techniques. Good dancers are those who deceive you into believing that it was easy, don’t you think? 😉   Read more →

How to Choose Dance Shoes When Starting Out Argentine Tango

There are really tons of good information about shoes out there, I will add only my personal views about shoes here in this post. The Two Functional Requirements of Tango Shoes To me, dance shoes exist so that we can dance better. You may be surprised actually socks and bare feet are not the best options in terms of dancing Tango. Granted… Read more →

daniel y mila dance to vals

Video of April 2015 – Daniel Tuero & Mila Vigdorova “El lloron”

In a regular milonga (Tango dance party), you will expect to hear three kinds of music: Tango, Vals, and Milonga.  This is a fun video of Daniel Tuero & Mila Vigdorova dancing to a milonga, more accurately an alternative milonga.  Alternative in that it is not a piece of classic tango music from the 30s, 40s, or 50s when the music… Read more →

Happy New Year 2015. Resolutions, anyone?

So the New Year is in full swing and the resolutions have and are continuing to be made. What are yours?! No surprise – a majority of mine are tango-related. In no particular order, they are: Work on creating more in tango (and explore what that really means). Pause and savor the music I dance with even more intention and sensitivity to… Read more →